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XUNGUANG ELECTRONICS have complete production equipment and testing equipment to ensure that the daily production capacity can meet customer needs, and produce and provide customers high-quality various data cable products.Especially for the production of USB4 Thunderbolt data cable, we have introduced special production equipment and arranged specific production lines. Complete equipment and exquisite manufacturing process make our cables hot selling in the market



XUNGUANG Is OEM/ODM Cable Manufacture Which A Good Partner For Clients.We Are An Excellent And Sincere Team,We Hope Can Make Long Term Win-Win Relationship With Our Clients.

Design And Development

We have a high-quality and high-capacity R&D team. We carefully design each data cable product, design the appearance of novel and best-selling products, and choose durable and high-quality materials.

Mature Product Line

Our production team with more than 15 years of USB data cables production experience, a complete production process, and a mature production line. We strictly control the quality of USB data cable raw materials and data charging cable products, and have established a complete product quality management system to ensure timely supply, reasonable prices and considerate service.



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Company Profile

Xunguang Electronics Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Was Founded In The Year Of 2013

China, is an innovative and energetic enterprise with the integration of the designing, manufacturing and selling of the certified USB 4 cable, thunderbolt 3 cable ,type c cable, usb2.0/3.0 data cable ,audio cable, printer cable, HDMI cable and adapters etc.


We have been following the management conception "quality, service……


Company Advantage

We are USB-IF member, and our cables got USB-IF/CE/RoHs/FCC certfications, good for your market.

Specialized in manufacturing usb cables for over 9 years, full experience for OEM/ODM orders.

Our cables very hot selling and was recognized by many famous brand seller in all over the world.

Strictly quality assurance

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How To Choose A High-Quality USB Type C Data Charging Cable?
How to connect the phone to the U disk?
Why Does The Plug Of The 100W USB C Data Charging Cable Easy To Rust?
Standard Mark and Chinese Mark of HDMI Cable
There are many types of USB type c data cables on the market, many brands, and the quality is also uneven. Today, let Dongguan Xunguang Electronics Co., Ltd. tell you how to choose high-quality USB C Cables:
How to connect the mobile phone to the U disk? The answer is simple, all you need is an High Speed USB 3.0 Type C OTG cable(Type C Male To USB Female OTG Data Cable). But first the moble phone in hand must have OTG function. This is very easy to distinguish, as long as you search for the parameters on the Internet, you can know.
The phenomenon that the plug of the 100W USB C data cable is easy to rust is directly related to the electroplating layer of the plug of the 100W Type C cable. If the electroplating layer on the metal surface of the USB plug can reach the standard thickness and quality, it is not easy to rust. If the plating layer is poor, it is easy to rust. The quality of the electroplating layer is a measure of the ability of the metal surface to resist oxidation and rust.
HDMI cable version specification logo In April 2002, the HDMI organization was formed by seven brand companies. HDMI Licensing, LLC released HDMI Specification Version 1.4a on March 4, 2010 on behalf of the original HDMI Developers, which features key features for 3D applications, the addition of a mandatory 3D format for broadcast content, and a feature called Top-and-Bottom 3D format. Because the term "HDMI1.4" is too broad to display the specific support skills of the device, it is prohibited to use in this specification

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USB4 Gen3 Cable USB-IF Certified

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