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Company Culture

Company Culture

Xunguang business philosophy

Joint improvement breakthrough perfection

Xunguang Faith

Integrity Responsibility Wisdom Dedication

Quality Policy

People-oriented, leading technology,

Quality Assurance, Commitment Worldwide.

Strategy points

Guide the market and keep up with technology;

Technological breakthrough, reduce cost;

Product breakthrough, reduce cost.

Management Strategy: Five Specialized Achievements Connecting the Beautiful World with Cables

Focus: focus on green environmental protection

Concentrate: Concentrate on every detail of the work

Professional: Do a good job in CABLE professionally, pursue excellence, continue to develop and master the knowledge and needs of better materials, equipment and manufacturring process.

Expertise: Master the core independent intellectual property rights

Specialty: Build a unique and effective management system and management system

Xunguang people's spirit

I am a person with potential - my personal potential is undiscovered, as long as I work hard, there will be fruitful results.

I'm a hopeful -- I'm young, passionate, and there's no twists and turns that I can't overcome as long as do at all costs.

I am a caring person - I love my co-workers, my supervisors, and care for others.

I am a balanced person - I am confident, positive, not succumbing to difficulties and willing to put my heart and soul into my work.

I am a person with lofty goals - I come to the company not only for myself, but for the individual and the team to grow together.


Gratitude Culture

I thank my client, he gave me the opportunity for cooperation, make us win-win growth.

I thank my leadership, he taught me, he taught me to survive;

I am grateful to Xunguang, he gave me the platform, let me learn and grow and develop my abilities.


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